IFTD 2018

IFTD 2018


Here’s my short and sweet account of IFTD 2018.

 I’ll try to keep the sarcasm to a minimum, but I’ll be honest, I get hungry easily and I’ve learned that iCast isn’t an ideal environment for hungry people. So I braced myself and packed the essentials: Cheez-Its and beef jerky. Luckily those babies fit into my diet perfectly because we all know how tasking it is to meal prep for a trip (Kidding, I don’t meal prep. Ever.).

 In all seriousness, with the release of the Salt HD, Helios 3, the colorful Tibors, colorful Rio Flats Pro—the colorful and cutting edge everything—introduced in the last few years, I just couldn’t imagine something blowing me out of the water. I was wrong. 

 I have to give a shout out to Brita Fordice for her brand new, bad ass Rio flies. In particular, the bonefish flies: Big Bone Daddy and the Participation Trophy—they were just pretty enough for me to eat. Also, the Hopedale Crab screams Louisiana (literally), and the Shrimp Tease will be here in Savannah faster than I could get back to a snack bar. To the naming squad on that project, you are all geniuses.  

 Ted Juracsik did what he normally does: effortlessly presented a showstopper into his Signature Tibor Series. The new solid, milky-white finish is apparently uber abrasion resistant with increased hardness. Same sealed cork drag, same timeless reels that’ll get the job done every single trip. And now that we’re all matching, this Arctic White will pair perfectly with your Orvis Helios 3! If you don’t have one, we carry them. 

 I think the new Sage Igniter also bears mentioning, which has been called on to replace the Sage Method. It isn’t for the faint of heart—it’s fast in every sense of the word (appropriately placed in their Specialty Series) but still has a little soul. Take that sucker to the Bahamas and you’ll be in the meat in literally no time. Just put the meat back when you’re done. We don’t eat bonefish.


Howler Bros. killed their Spring 2019 line. It’s a super original, colorful but earthy, quintessential HB style. We will have a solid selection in the shop when it starts getting toasty in Savannah next year so make sure you stop by and check it out.


 Although we could tell 2018 IFTD was a little slower-paced than recent years, I think it was a very strong finish down in Orlando before they move back out west.  I look forward to seeing what Denver has to offer in 2019. Guess I’ll just have to double down on the beef jerky and Cheez-Its.
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