The Savannah River

The Savannah River

Fishing Partner and Pictured Kyle G.

First days of spring in Augusta, Ga, could it really be February? The warm Sunday afternoon we took to the river in hopes of catching something, whether that was a smallmouth, shoal bass, or a Bartram’s bass. We made the usual decent over at the Savannah Rapids Pavilion and started our trek to the North Augusta boat ramp. The water was high and clear and the skies were overcast. Knowing a few spots along the way, Kyle took to them with a black wooly bugger and caught two good sized smallmouths. I went for the new spots in hopes of finding ground where the smallmouth might be laid up. This tactic has been used over the last couple years with the fishery turning over and growing back to its past numbers. The fish are coming back but it’s happening slowly and the size of the fish that are caught have been hearty. If you want to fish the river the best advice I can give is to fish hard and work the water.

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