The Masters A to Z

R&G is now offering the locally written and illustrated children book "Badges, Egg Salad, and Green Jackets: The Masters A to Z."  This wonderful children's book "captures the rich history and traditions of the Masters Tournament. Find out what kind of food is served, some of the Tournament rules and the landmarks of this famous sporting event. Written and illustrated by Georgia natives Julie Alfriend Ferris and Joshua Henry Thomas, this book introduces children to one of the four major championships in professional gold, but is perfect for fans of all ages." Every child needs this book on their bookshelves, so stop into R&G and pick up your copy.
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Through Rivers and Glen, I was given a Stripped Bass fishing trip for my 80th birthday by my wife. The Captain was Bill Howle on his 23’ Ranger with a 200 HP motor, two fish finders, and a 70 force electric on Clarks Hill Lake. We left about 3:00 PM. Bill was in touch with other boats regarding where the Stripped Bass were feeding. As we moved several times, I had the bow to myself using an 8 weight fly rod but was not accustomed to the weight forward fly line. Switched to a fly rod and ended with 12 nice Stripped Bass with Bill’s support all the way. He is outstanding. Cleaned my fish without a bone left in the filets and bagged them. I took pictures of the beautiful sunset above the dam as he was cleaning the fish. I give Bill all the stars I can rate him for a wonderful trip. Wish I could put some pictures on this site. (Thanks Walker of Rivers and Glen for the reference).

Neil O. Myers

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