Getting Started

We would love to sell you everything in the store, but to be honest you only need a couple of key pieces of equipment to start Fly Fishing.  A rod, reel, and fly line with leader and a fly are the bare essentials.  Eventually you will need or want extra Flies, fly boxes, extra leader, tippet, nippers, scissors, waders, boots, sunscreen, quick dry clothes, etc.,etc.,etc. As a newcomer to our shop and the sport in general, you need to know a couple of key things. First, its important to know that no matter your budget or your experience, Rivers and Glen can provide.  I mentioned above the key pieces of equipment.  Rivers and Glen offers Rod and Reel combo's starting at under $200.....with a warranty.  We have classes and lessons to better your ability and understanding of the sport, and a friendly and knowledgeable staff that enjoys to educate.  So if you are interested in the sport but don't know where to start, give us a shout!