Bahamas Deluxe Fly Selection

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The Umpqua Bahamas Deluxe Fly Selection ensures you are prepared for fly fishing in the sand flats of the Bahama islands. Thirteen saltwater fly patterns have been created uniquely by Umpqua to successfully catch bonefish lurking in the tropical waters. Labeled for easy identification, the Bahamas Deluxe Fly Selection from Umpqua is an essential companion when heading down South. 13 bonefish flies created specifically for use in the Bahamas Easy to identify labels.

Veverka's Mantis Shrimp Tan Size 4 (1) Borski's Bonefish Slider Size 6 (1) Clouser Minnow Golden Size 6 (1) Squimp Tan Size 6 (1) Rag Head Crab Tan Size 6 (1) Clouser Minnow Chart/White Size 6 (1) Gotcha Pearl Size 2 & 4 (1 Each) Cowen's Bonefish Scampi Tan Size 6 (1) Mini Puff Orange Size 4 (1) Crazy Charlie Tan Size 6 (1) Crazy Charlie Pink Size 6 (1) Bonefish Deep Minnow (1)