Boneville Sunglasses

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After 2 days of staring at the turbulent water through rain-soaked windows, we had to get out. Four legs on two wheels, our scooters at maximum passenger capacity, we are sliding around on the mud. We might be helping them slide a little more than they would on their own. It’s kinda fun to skid through the turns. A fast, skillful boot plant and 360 saves a bike from a total wipeout on a muddy slip and slide. My passenger laughs hysterically, I’m not sure whether from exhilaration or fear. Finally, we see blue through the canopy and come to a clearing. With huge grins, we wade onto the flat and the soft , warm waters wash away the Earth and adrenaline of the ride. We look through our mud-streaked lenses at the push of water approaching the shore. Everyone’s smiling. High-fiving. Wet to the bone, we spread out and shuffle towards the silver ghosts of Boneville.