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Canvas Trunk Case 20Ga S x S

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This case is built to the highest standard. Many canvas and leather cases are offered as an economical alternative to Leather cases, this is usually achieved by substandard materials and workmanship. We have worked very hard to source the very finest materials available in the world and have hand made these cases to the very highest standards. Current canvas and leather cases that are equal to this, which we have handled in the past, sell for approximately $750. This is for a very high quality case, exactly like the case that we are selling. You cannot compare this case to the economy cases that are sold at the price we are selling our cases at. All stitching is not superficial and decorative, it actually penetrates the frame. They are stitched and glued assuring many years of rugged use. Genuine wool felt interior. The finest waterproof canvas with leather piping available. Superior hardwood construction. Brass lock and hardware. Two leather straps for security. Compartments for all accessories. Holds up to 30" barrels, also available for barrels up to 32" for an additional $20.00.