Smith Optics Chums Retainer AOCHUM04, AOCHUMMXD04

$ 6.95

About Smith Optics Chums Retainer AOCHUM04, AOCHUMMXD04

Smith Optics Chums Retainer is the perfect complement to a pair of stylish Smith sunglasses. The Smith Optics Chums Sunglass Retainer fits to the earpieces of any Smith Optics Sunglasses to hold them securely in place for sports and other active uses. The sliding bead allows you to adjust the length of the head strap as needed. This 100% cotton glasses strap comes in a variety of colors to complement your designer sunglasses, making them the perfect Eyewear Accessories for your Smith Optics eye wear.
Package includes ONE (1) Smith Chums Retainer. Available models of Smith Optics Chums Retainers include:
Smith Optics Chums Sunglasses Retainer - Assorted Colors AOCHUMMXD04
Smith Optics Chums Sunglass Retainer - Black AOCHUM04
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Specifications for Smith Chums Sunglasses Retainer:
Fits: any Smith Optics sunglasses
Material: Cotton
Features of Smith Optics Chums Sunglasses Retainer:
Adjustable length
100% cotton
Package Contents:
(1) Smith Optics Chums Sunglasses Retainer

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