Filson All Leather Packer Wallet

$ 110.00

About Filson All Leather Packer Wallet

Our most popular Filson Wallet, the Filson Leather Packer Wallet, the perfect functional and dressy wallet that be taken anywhere.

Many of our customers use this as an every day wallet and it is something they will never switch from once they use it. The Filson 65208 wallet is just onw od a kind.  This Packer wallet containts 12 card slots, rear security pockets on both sides of the wallet and is a bi-fold design

Approximately 4 ¼ x 4 ½ folded

Clean by hand washing with a soft rag and warm water. Wash the entire area evenly, not just the soiled spot, and dry thoroughly. Minimize scuffs or bruises by rubbing the area with a soft, dry cloth, bringing the natural oils to the surface. Saddle soaps or commercial leather cleaners are not recommended because while they should not harm the leather, they often contain wax or oil that can darken the leather or cause it to permanently show water spots.

Country Of Origin
United States

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