Flood Tide Co. Marsh Patrol Solarshirt

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How rollickin’-raccoon swindled simple-armadillo into piggybackin’ around the marsh like Luke Skywalker on a Tauntaun in The Empire Strikes Back is surely the stuff of legend. Maybe armadillo always telegraphs “rock” when it’s time to ro-sham-bo? Maybe raccoon walked him away from that table where all the dogs are playing poker? We may never know, but we’re willin’ to bet that feelin’ rode hard and put away wet after a long night of pokin’ around the marsh is better than ending up as road kill.

Product Info:

    • Back logo crewneck solarshirt
    • Original artwork design by Paul Puckett
    • 50+ UPF
    • 4.1oz 100% polyester micro-fiber fabric
    • Printed neck label
    • Salmon
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