Flood Tide Co. Vitruvian Tarpon Hooded Sunshirt

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The Vitruvian Man is an instantly recognizable Leonardo da Vinci classic. As an artist, Paul was enamored with the symmetry of man and how it translated to other animals. Which means, for us of course, the symmetry of fish. Filled with intricate details of fins aligning, this design is made to be a simple & beautiful representation of some of our favorite fish.

Import Tidbits:

  • 100% microfiber polyester (so it's basically one big sunglass cloth!)
  • UPF 50+ Solar protection
  • PURE-tech cool-wicking technology
  • M-Shield Antimicrobial technology
  • Color: Phantom Gray
  • Wash it cold. Don't bleach it. And tumble dry low. Bam, back in action.
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