Form Function Form Greensleeve Wallet

Product image 1Form Function Form Greensleeve Wallet
Product image 2Form Function Form Greensleeve Wallet

Regular price $ 48.00

Sometimes cash is king.

  • Two-pocket card case style wallet w/ extended rear pocket for cash & thumb slot.
  • Single piece of USA-made Horween Leather w/ two stitches.
  • Front pocket holds 1-2 cards.
  • Rear pocket holds 5-10 cards & cash.
  • Holds US, Canadian, and smaller Euro bills.
  • Lightly burnished natural edge.
  • Hot iron branded 1/4″ square form•function•form logo.
  • Materials (leather and stitching) 100% US made.
  • Designed and crafted in our Florida studio.
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