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When it comes down to it would you pay .40 Cents per cup for one of the best tasting cups of coffee you have ever had?  Thousands of people can't be wrong.  

Who is the genius behind these blends?  His name is NIGEL - and he and only he is the guy who roasts your coffee.  Your coffee is roasted fresh daily to ensure that upon arrival you are drinking the freshest & best cups of coffee in the United States of America.  How do we know all of this?  People tell us every day how great our products are! Plus, Nigel is a great friend of mine ;)

We here at Georgia Land and Cattle are willing to put our money where our mouth is.  If you don't LOVE your coffee we will give you a full credit back.  No questions asked. 

 Try all of our flavors

  • Maple Bacon (Our Favorite)
  • Praline & Pecan
  • Early Riser
  • Pumpkin Spice (Seasonal)
  • Hazelnut Rum
  • Southern Honey
  • Riverstreet Irish (Seasonal)
  • NEW Peruvian Dark Roast