Georgia Land & Cattle Honey

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 Our Orange Blossom Honey is thick, delicious and by far the best honey I have ever tasted. You can taste the hints of citrus in this amazing batch of 100% Pure Raw Honey.  Another Southern Lifestyle Product that should be in every home.

  • Great Gift Idea
  • Great For Sore Throats
  • Natural Sweetener
  • Must Have for Tea Lovers
5 Super Cool FACTS about HONEY.....
#1 - Our Honey is the absolute Best. (LOL) Check ours out.
#2 - Honey Never Spoils - there are reports of edible honey being found in several thousand year old Egyptian Tombs.
#3 - A beehive can produce 30-100 pounds of honey a year.
#4 - Natures bandage. You can treat cuts and scrapes due to the fact it is inhospitable to bacteria.
#5 - In Medieval Times Honey was Key to making BEER. German feudal lords required their peasants to make payments of honey and beeswax.
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