HookNHide Mako Shark Belt Buckle

$ 90.00

About HookNHide Mako Shark Belt Buckle

(isurus oxyrinchus)

 All of our designs are made to function as both a belt buckle and bottle opener. The Mako Shark is regarded as one of the ocean’s most fierce predators.  This underwater beast is also one of the shark species fastest swimmers, so it is no surprise that the Mako Shark is a prized opponent for any angler on the open sea. In time your buckle will capture a colorful patina emulating the simple details of this "Sea Stalker".

Made from Tumbaga; a blend of silver, gold, and brass.  Each buckle is branded with our HNH signature, ensuring its origin and numerical lineage. Make sure to pair your buckle with our HNH quick release straps!
Designed in Charleston, South Carolina.

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