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Hooks Crafted Leather Co. Tan Bridle Belt

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Our Tan Bridle Belts sport a natural leather tone. You can lighten things up with lighter toned accessories for a great look. This belt is assembled with antiqued brass rivets, and a solid brass, antiqued buckle that will last you a lifetime and patina beautifully. 

Our Bridle belts are made from hides that are tanned right here in the U.S and are tanned with excellence! 
These belts will surely last you for a long time. 
As always, if our belts ever break or tear on you, please let us know and we’ll either fix it or replace it.... for FREE!
Sizing (MUST READ INFORMATION):When selecting your size, we recommend that you DO NOT ORDER YOUR PANT SIZE. For most accurate sizing we recommend measuring your existing belt from the buckle where the leather is folded to the hole you use (refer to diagram above). If ordering based on pant size, we suggest adding 3-4 inches to your pants size. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.