Orvis Mirage Knotless Leader 9ft

$ 12.95

About Orvis Mirage Knotless Leader 9ft

Product Description

Incredible abrasion resistance fly fishing leader material.

This is the competition angler's preferred choice in stillwaters and spring creeks, perfect for use with large lures and streamer fly patterns or in clear water for picky pressured trout with nymphs or dry flies.

In testing, breakage and knot strength decrease 30% in nylon materials with water absorption. Mirage fly fishing leader absorbs no water.

This knotless fly leader is closer to invisible to fish than nylon fly fishing leaders. Refractory index only .09 different than water compared to 1.53 for Super Strong nylon.

New fly fishing leader tapers have resulted in a 20% average increase in butt diameters in all Mirage leaders for more efficient transfer of fly-line energy to leader.


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