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Mirage Tippet 30m Small Sizes

Mirage Tippet 30m Small Sizes

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Tippet ideal for all saltwater fly fishing, plus steelhead and Atlantic salmon. Also for freshwater nymphing where trout are leader-shy. Refraction index on Mirage™ is very close to water which makes it near invisible to fish. Often you can go up one tippet size and still gain the same results, plus it tends to sink, making it an excellent tippet for nymphing and streamer fishing. Mirage offers superior abrasion resistance which is critical in many big game and saltwater applications where structure and hard mouths can cause increased abrasion. Fly fishing tippet has line retainer on each spool.

Invisible to Fish—Incredible Abrasion Resistance—Excellent Knot Strength

Mirage is not another nylon tippet material. Mirage is made from an extremely high-grade quality of PVDF (polyvinylidenfluoride). It is less visible in the water, absorbs less water, and has higher wet knot strength than comparable nylon. It is significantly more abrasion-resistant than nylon.



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