Orvis Signature Twill Long Sleeve Shirt

$ 89.00

About Orvis Signature Twill Long Sleeve Shirt

The Orvis Signature Twill is a truly amazing fabric -- all the performance of a high-tech fiber with the natural silky feel of 100% cotton. These Signature Twill shirts are the result of over two years of research and development. Made of the softest, finest, most comfortable cotton twill fabric you will ever wear. Over a two-year period, Orvis worked hard to develop a sturdy twill fabric that would remain soft, without becoming threadbare or pilling. Twill is a generic term for cotton or wool fabrics that are woven with a distinctive diagonal wale and more warp yarns per inch. The Orvis Twill is made of high-quality yarns that are doubled, tightly twisted, and then densely woven to create a durable fabric that will not rip or tear easily. With more threads of a particular shade per square inch, the colors are as sharp and durable as the fabric. Our Twill is as soft as silk, thanks to the garment-washing process, and it has been treated to keep shrinkage to a minimum.

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