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Polo Belt- Tornado

Polo Belt- Tornado

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Our elegant Tornado polo belt is navy, cream and grey and has been with us since the very beginning. The iconic hand stitched pampa diamond pattern, inspired by the peaks and valleys of the Andes Mountains, is one of our more reserved designs which is complemented perfectly by the luxurious Argentine leather that pampeano is so well known for. 

Combining culture, fashion and fine workmanship, a pampeano polo belt is a truly unique and beautiful accessory for every man or woman.

pampeano is a word taken from the town of La Pampa, Argentina, a place where the cattle roam freely across beautiful estancias, and the birthplace of our business. At pampeano, we are highly regarded for our focus on quality and customer care. Whether purchasing polo belts, our finely crafted leather accessories or polo equipment we will do our utmost to meet your needs.

Each colour combination reflects the Argentine land, culture or people in one way or another, and with over 30 stunning designs – there is a pampeano belt for everyone.

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