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Flood Tide Co.

Skiff Wake LW Sunmask

Skiff Wake LW Sunmask

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Stare at the flats all day with your head bakin’ in the sun and we guarantee you’ll start to see some stuff you ain’t never seen before. Inspired by the many-splendored waters we fish as Lowcountry anglers, our new Skiff Wake pattern sun mask is flashback you can wear, a nod to the light and color show that churns out from under the skiff when we’ve fired up the air conditioner and are runnin’ for the shade.

Product Info:

  • Up to UPF 30 solar protection*
  • 100% moisture-wicking polyester microfiber.
  • Fits most adults (9.5x18")
  • Machine wash cold. Lay out to dry.
  • Color: Bluewater and Clearwater

*Protection may be reduced when wet, old, or from fabric stretch.

Sunmasks are final sale and cannot be returned.

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