Tidelog (Southeastern)

Product image 1Tidelog (Southeastern)
Product image 2Tidelog (Southeastern)
Product image 3Tidelog (Southeastern)
Product image 4Tidelog (Southeastern)
Product image 5Tidelog (Southeastern)

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What better way to keep you fishing notes than on this amazing and accurate tide log.

Including the entire coasts of South Carolina and Georgia.

Daily Tidelog Graphics are based on NOAA predictions for Charleston with times and heights for Charleston and the Savannah River Entrance, at Fort Pulaski. Time and strength of maximum currents and times of slack water are shown daily at Charleston Harbor, and the Savannah River Entrance. Included at the back of the Tidelog are tide tables for Myrtle Beach and current tables for St. Mary’s River Entrance.

To order imprinting on your Tidelog, please give us a call at 912.472.4373 to place your order. Thanks!

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