Toadfish The Ultimate Seafood Bowl

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Perfect for serving seafood over ice and steamed/hot

The Toadfish Ultimate Seafood Bowl is an elegant, multi-purpose platter designed for serving a variety of seafood. Our vented, dual-layer design allows chilled seafood to be served over ice without water puddling. For hot food, the top layer can be flipped to use as a lid, preserving heat without condensation. From cocktail shrimp to tuna tartar to hot paiea this bowl has you covered. 

Raw Bar Bowl - dual layer design for ice presentations, without water settling on food. Perfect for raw oysters, clams, sashimi, chilled crab legs, shrimp cocktail.

Steamed/Hot Seafood Bowl - Keeps seafood hot and covered without condensation. Perfect for a Frogmore Stew, Crawfish Boil, Steamed Blue Crabs.

Dimensions - 14.25" x 14.25" x 3.35"

Durable Steel Contruction


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