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Polo Belt-Principe

Polo Belt-Principe

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Each polo belt is hand-stitched with dedication and precise attention to detail, creating a story of their own from the very beginning. pampeano polo belts are designed with longevity in mind, using robust leather that softens and warms with age and stitching in many fashionable colours that will never look dated.

Our exquisite polo belts are sold to discerning customers throughout the world. With a variety of geometric shapes and patterns that echo the silhouettes of the nearby Andes mountains and valleys, these beautiful polo belts are phenomenally popular on and off the polo pitch. Distinguished style, vibrant colours and beautiful leather – these products are some of the best in the world.

With fierce temperatures and low humidity, the area is home to tens of thousands of roaming cattle and their proud gauchos. Accordingly La Pampa is well known for the quality of its leather.

pampeano means from La Pampa, Argentina, where the cattle roam freely across beautiful estancias. It is the birthplace of our business. We are highly regarded for our focus on quality and customer care. Whether you're purchasing polo belts, leather accessories or polo equipment we will do our utmost to suit your needs.

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