River Rocks Rewards

When you sign up for River Rocks Rewards, you're accumulating points for every dollar spent with us at Rivers and Glen. 1 Dollar=1 River Rock! From there you get discounts for River Rocks accumulated.

500 River Rocks: $5.00 Off Coupon/Discount Code
1000 River Rocks: 10% OFF Coupon/Discount Code
1500 River Rocks: 15% OFF Coupon/Discount Code
2000 River Rocks: 20% OFF Coupon/Discount Code

AS A BONUS, when you sign up with us, you get an automatic 1500 River Rocks to use for a 15% OFF Coupon/Discount Code. Simply create an account in the bottom corner tab labeled "River Rocks Rewards Program" and once you've signed up you can reedeem your River Rocks towards your online order!

River Rocks don't expire, so you can accumulate them towards bigger purchases if you're saving up for a Rod and Reel combo or have your eye on a new set of waders! The more you spend, the more discounts you'll have towards future purchases!