Loon Outdoors UV Clear Fly Finish - Thick

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Loon Outdoors UV Clear Fly Finish helps craft better quality flies and provides peace-of-mind at the end of your line. This premium fly fishing finish features a UV-curing resin compound designed to give you long work time and instant curing when exposed to sunlight or UV light. Loon's UV Clear Fly Finish boasts new UV blocking Taper-Tip needles to prevent clogs while delivering perfect volume for precision tying. Ideal for building fly heads, UV Clear Fly Finish also works great as a head cement replacement. Includes brush applicator. Made in USA.

  • UV-curing resin compound
  • Cures hard and clear
  • Allows long work times
  • Cures instantly when exposed to UV light
  • UV blocking, taper-tip needles
  • Taper-Tip needle prevents clogs
  • Needle tip perfect for precision tying
  • Can be used as head cement replacement
  • Includes brush applicator
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