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The Sporting Gent

The Sporting Gent Tanner Bamboo Button Down

The Sporting Gent Tanner Bamboo Button Down

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Let it be known: Inspiration comes in many forms.  One day we sat down and said, 'Brah, we love that Brooks Shirt, but what if we could wear it to dinner and the office and the club but without getting side-eyed by the "boss"?'

So here it is: The TSG Tanner Bamboo Button Down.  That's right...Bamboo!  Made from our Airetex™ Bamboo fabric, this is the newest and latest and greatest for a soft AF option so you can look the part and feel like a champ in the process. 

  • Made from a sustainable source of Bamboo fibers in our Airetex™ fabric blend
  • Anti-microbial and anti-odor fabric
  • Soft AF
  • Lightweight and breathable fabric 
  • Modern but not slim fit so you won't look like you borrowed a shirt from your dorm closet.
  • Imported
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