Collection: Fish Hippie

For us, Fish Hippie really started by chance. Or by fate, if you want to look at it that way. We met at a dinner hosted by some mutual friends. We discovered that we had grown up in adjacent North Carolina towns but had never met. After that initial spirited conversation, we quickly learned that we shared a lot of the same passions in life: a love of the water and travel with friends to great escapes both close and far, as well as an appreciation for the finer things in life. We also discovered that we shared a lot of the same values, many of which had been instilled in us as children raised in the South.

In that initial chance meeting, the idea of Fish Hippie began to take shape. We talked about creating a brand that celebrates those times in our lives when you can escape the rat race, unwind, enjoy good times with friends and take the road less traveled. No, Fish Hippie isn’t about tie-dye shirts or psychedelic drugs (no comment). But it is a celebration of the hippie-like dedication to your chosen lifestyle, the ability to escape the mundane and not be caught up in social demands — to be yourself and find balance in the world.

We hope the name of our company and the quality of our products inspire everyone to find their inner fish hippie. And, from time to time, help you “Drift Off Course.”